Salina Resistance: Town Hall Meeting

Thursday, June 01, 2017 at 07:00 PM
Ambassador Hotel in Salina, KS
The Salina Resistance hosts:
People’s Town Hall
June 1st 7:00 pm to Ambassador Hotel, Salina, KS
1616 W. Crawford, Salina, KS
Congress members invited but have not yet accepted
The people’s organization Salina Resistance has renewed its invitation to the Kansas Congressional delegation, including Representative Roger Marshall, Senator Jerry Moran, and Senator Pat Roberts, for their People’s Town Hall.  The event, held during their Congressional District Work Period, will be held Thursday, June 1, 7:00 p.m., at the Ambassador Hotel, 1616 W Crawford, Salina. Indivisible is inviting constituents, wherever they live in Kansas, to come and let their members of Congress know their wishes and demands.
Thus far, none of the Congress members has agreed to attend, even at this time when critical issues are being decided far from the people they represent. Three chairs will nonetheless be reserved for the members, and a record of their constituents’ wishes as expressed at the town hall will be made available to them. 
An open microphone will insure opportunities for anyone to speak, each with a 4-minute time limit.  Some constituents already plan more creative statements of their concern, including music, poetry, art graphics, and others. 
Anticipated topics include, among others, health care; education; military buildup and costs; agriculture; climate; women’s rights; non-discrimination; economic justice; racial, ethnic, religious diversity; and immigration. Estimated time frame is 7:00-9:00 p.m.
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Priti Gulati Cox



KC Wear Orange Day for Gun Violence Awareness

Friday, June 02, 2017 at 05:00 PM
JC Nichols Memorial Fountain in Kansas City, MO

Join Us At The 

National Gun Violence Awareness Day 

Event at the Plaza Fountain

Organized by the Heartland Coalition Against Gun Violence 

Don't Miss This Chance to Participate 

Friday, June 2 at 5:00 PM

(Short Program at 5:15)


We Expect Media Coverage

 So Let's Show Kansas City 

We Care About Preventing Gun Violence! 

Here's How:

  • Attend and wear orange so there is a sea of color  
  • Demonstrate for the cameras and passers -by
  • Bring a Poster

(Or make one on the spot with materials we provide.)

 For more information:

Walk The Vote 2017

Saturday, June 17, 2017 at 08:00 AM
Santa Fe Commons Park in Overland Park, KS

Walk the Vote banner

Votes have consequences, and those consequences impact all our lives. We talk the talk about getting involved and becoming engaged and paying attention. Well, now we are walking the walk, raising money to make a difference in people's lives in 2018. This is going to a be a fun, noisy, empowering walk, with teams raising money to raise hell in 2018.

Get your team together, fly your flag, and let's change Kansas.

Saturday, June 17, 2017 in Downtown Overland Park
From Santa Fe Commons Park to the InterUrban ArtHouse (1/2 mile)
8 am registration, 9 am walk, ending at the ArtHouse for a political mural art project

Your donation, your pledges, and your participation is in support of the MainStream Coalition, an advocacy organization that supports good government, public schools, healthy communities and sensible fiscal policies in Kansas.

We're raising money to bring more change to Topeka in 2018. Kansas passed tax reform this year, but was blocked by the Governor and the remaining extremist legislators. Kansas passed health care expansion this year, but was blocked by the Governor, and the remaining extremist legislators. Kansas has the votes to pass gun reform, and to protect women's rights. Kansas has the will to fully fund public education. What we don't have, is enough people in Topeka to see this through, from the Governor to some of the seats in the Legislature.

We are out to fix that. Help us raise the money to do it.

Who are we?

The MainStream Coalition is a political advocacy organization that has been around for 24 years. In 2016, we worked the elections and helped shift the balance of power back towards sanity. We hired interns to go door to door getting out the vote and protecting our courts. We held forums, we testified, we marched, we organized. That year, we spent $70,000 supporting Democrats, and another $70,000 supporting moderate Republicans.

We fight for policies, not parties.

Here's what we stand for: good governance, quality public education, healthy communities and sustainable fiscal policy. We fight for transparent government, local control, strong, fully funded schools, teachers' rights, access to health care for everyone, reasonable taxes, fair wages, and the right to lead your life with dignity. To us, it does not matter who you are, or what party you're with, if you agree with those values.

Do more than vote.

That's our slogan, and our mission. We work to educate and engage people so they do more than just vote. Do you know who represents you in Topeka? Find out with our tool: Do you know how they vote? Do you wish you understood the issues better? Do you want to run for office? Do you want to make calls, or walk door to door. Do you want to meet your legislators? Do you want to be heard? Be informed? Get involved? Well, that's what we do.

Sign up now to Walk the Vote and fundraise to raise Hell in 2018!

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