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MainPAC is the political action committee of the MainStream Coalition. We work to support candidates who embody the ideals of moderate, bi-partisan, common sense politics. And we could use your help:

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Every election is critical, with reasonable, moderate candidates from both parties vying against bought-and-paid-for rubber-stamp political professionals ready to do what their corporate masters say. Your vote, every vote, counts.

"You’ll see lots of writing...about voter apathy. The public, we’ll hear, is giving up on self-government. That may be true. Blame it on a political class raising and spending billions to make you mad or bored enough to stay home so they can turn government into a profitable enterprise for themselves."

- Dave Helling in the Kansas City Star, July 24, 2014

Don't let them take your vote away from you. Bored by politics? Get informed about the issues that hang in the balance. Angry about what's going on in Kansas? Get out and make a difference.

But most importantly, go vote!

More about MainPAC

MainPAC endorses candidates who are committed to the same moderate values of Mainstream Coalition including the separation of church and state, strong support for public education, fiscal responsibility and a true separation of powers.

Our state has taken a sharp turn to the right politically. MainPAC seeks to be a counter voice to these prevailing political winds. We also aim to be a moderate counter voice. We are not interested in governance from extreme positions.

MainPAC endorses and supports candidates for election in races in Kansas, with an geographic emphasis on Johnson, Wyandotte, and Douglas counties. MainPAC's interests lie in the whole region and our focus tends to be races that are often called "down ballot" races, ones that show up further down the ballot. You'll find us talking about State School Board races, State House and Senate races, and local school board races.

Efforts to maintain moderate, nonpartisan and rational leadership in our region are very important to us as MainStream Coalition members and MainPAC donors.

Your support of MainPAC will be used to support moderate candidates, regardless of party, who support the moderate principles and perspectives of the MainStream Coalition and our members

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