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MainPAC has a long and proud history of backing candidates on both sides of the aisle who support strong public education free of special interests, fiscally responsible policies that balance revenue strategies, and good government free from partisan machinations and religious doctrine.

These are the 2017 General Election recommendations of MainPAC, the political action committee of the MainStream Coalition, for candidate races in Johnson, Wyandotte, and Douglas counties in Kansas. They are arrived at through candidate surveys, interviews, and voting records where applicable, to determine how they align with the moderate values of most Kansans.

Local elections have tremendous influence in your communities, and can set the stage for candidates to enter elections for higher office. Be sure to vote.

A note about the races and candidates listed: These are recommendations for races on November 7th, 2017. In cases where no recommendation has been made, it may be because candidates did not return our survey, or did not meet criteria for recommendation. These recommendations may have changed since the primaries.

All of the candidates listed here are recommended by MainPAC. Vote for these candidates on November 7th!

2017 MainPAC General Election Recommendations

Municipal General Election Recommendations

Mayor Casey Simoneau
City Council Susan Pitts
A. J. Stevens
City Council Jason Gillam
Mayor Melanie Hepperly
Mayor Chris Morrow (website)
At Large (vote for 2 or fewer) Michael Blanchard (website)
City Comm. (three positions) Bassem Chahine
Lisa Larsen (website)
Dustin Stumblingbear (website)
Jennifer Ananda (website)
Mike Anderson
Ward 2 Mary Larson  
Mayor Sandra Jacquot
Ward 1 Aaron Borghardt (website)
Ward 4 Mandy Stuke (website)
Mayor Ken Sissom
Ward 2 Patty Newkirk (website)
Ward 3 Christine Hands
Ward 4 David Neal (website)
Ward 1 Hillary Thomas (website)
Ward 2 Steve Betzold
Ward 4 Sollie Flora (website)
Mission Hills
At Large (vote for 2 or fewer) Bill Bruning
Barbara Nelson
Ward 4 Marge Vogt (website)
At Large Deann Mitchell (website)
Overland Park
Mayor Carl Gerlach (website)
Ward 1 Logan Heley (website)
Dave Janson (website)
Ward 2 Curt Skoog
Ward 4 Terry Goodman (website)
Ward 6 Chris Newlin (website)
Prairie Village
Ward 1 Jori Nelson (website)
Ward 3 Tucker Poling (website)
Ward 4 Sheila Myers
Roeland Park
Mayor Mike Kelly (website)
Ward 2 Jen Hill (website)
Ward 3 Claudia McCormack (website)
Ward 4 Jim Kelly  
Ward 1 Matthew Zimmerman
Ward 3 Justin Adrian (website)
Ward 4 Lindsey Constance (website)
At Large (vote for 3 or fewer) Jason Hannaman
Jeff Harris
Westwood Hills
At Large (vote for 5 or fewer) Edward Gogol
Karen Sexton
Wyandotte Unified Government
Mayor Mark Holland (website)
At Large District 2 John “J.D.” Rios
District 5 Sarah Kremer (website)
District 7 George Cooper
Jim Walters

Local School Board General Election Recommendations

Gardner Edgerton SD #231
Position 4 Wes Rains
Kansas City Kansas SD #500
Regular Term Irene Caudillo (website)
Unexpired Term Rick Behrens
Unexpired Term Janey Humphries
Lawrence SD #497
At Large (3 pos) Melissa Johnson (website)
Kelly Jones (website)
Gordon Ross (website)
Olathe SD #233
Position 5 Amy Martin (website)
Shawnee Mission SD #512
Position 2 East Mary Sinclair (website)
Position 4 West Laura Guy (website)
Position 6 At Large Mandi Hunter (website)
Heather Ousley (website)
Spring Hill SD #230
Position 6 Eric Boyle (website)
Ruth Goff (website)

Community College Trustees General Election Recommendations

Johnson County CC Trustees
At Large (vote for 4 or fewer) Jerry Cook
Lee Cross (website)
Angeliina Lawson (website)
Paul Snider (website)
Kansas City Kansas CC Trustees
4 Board Positions Evelyn Criswell
Janice McIntyre
Christal Watson
Unexpired Term Rosalyn Brown


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