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MainPAC is the political action committee of the MainStream Coalition. We work to support candidates who embody the ideals of moderate, bi-partisan, common sense politics. And we could use your help:

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There is no doubt about it, 2018 will be a crucial year for Kansas and the nation. Kansas is at a tipping point, and we need your help to make sure she doesn't slip backwards into the hole dug by Gov. Brownback.

In 2018, we will vote for a new Governor of Kansas. Secretary of State Kris Kobach is running, and he has already stated that if elected, he will reinstate Brownback's tax policies. These are the same policies that have been dragging Kansas down since 2012. The same policies that have mortgaged our roads, taken money from pensions, and seen Kansas' credit rating downgraded three times!

We made huge gains in 2016, finally removing those tax policies and setting Kansas on a better path towards sustainable fiscal policy, strong public schools, and healthy communities.

But we must protect that change in 2018.

We must elect a Governor who will work with moderate legislators, not dare them to override his veto. We must defeat the ultra conservatives who balk at any measure that helps all Kansans. And we must keep those legislators we put in place in 2016, who had the courage to fight for Kansans at the Statehouse. MainPAC was there in 2016, supporting those moderate candidates (of both parties) who supported the values we champion. Our work, with your help, made a difference that year.

Now, we are looking to make a difference again. MainPAC is doubling down on candidate support, on volunteer organizing, on countering the millions of dollars Americans for Prosperity have already sunk into misleading postcards. We will work at the local, state, and statewide level. We will not let Kansas slide backwards.

That work starts now. It starts here.

Donate now to keep Kansas moving forward. Let's show the nation how we can come back from a devastating administration backed by ultra conservative ideologues. 

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