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2019 Endorsements!

MainPAC's 2019 election endorsements for Johnson and Wyandotte Counties in KS are here.

2019 Endorsements

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MainPAC is the political action committee of the MainStream Coalition. We work to support candidates who embody the ideals of moderate, bi-partisan, common sense politics. And we could use your help:

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2019 is an election year, and one where you can stop the next Kris Kobach! 

Did you know that Kris Kobach began his political career on the Overland Park city council? Who is running in 2019 for municipal or school board positions who might turn into the next Kris Kobach? This election is your chance to stop them.

MainPAC was there in 2016, supporting moderate candidates (of both parties) who supported the values we champion. Our work, with your help, made a difference that year in turning back the Brownback-led tide of extremism. In 2018, MainPAC was there working for (now) Gov. Kelly and against Kris Kobach, working for legislators who would hold the line against retrenched extremists. With your help, we made a difference that year, too.

Now, we are looking to make a difference again. MainPAC is doubling down on candidate support, on volunteer organizing, on countering the millions of dollars Americans for Prosperity have already sunk into misleading postcards. We will work at the local, state, and statewide level. We will not let Kansas slide backwards.

That work starts now. It starts here.

Donate now to keep Kansas moving forward. Let's show the nation how we can come back from a devastating administration backed by ultra conservative ideologues. 

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