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2019 MainPAC General Election endorsements (.pdf)

Past endorsements
These are records of our past endorsements. All files are .pdfs

2019 Primary Election
2018 General Election
2018 Primary Election
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2016 Primary Election
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PAC Endorsed 2019 logoCandidates looking for web or print badges to use to indicate their endorsement by MainPAC can find them here: Endorsement Badges

2019 General Election - Vote on November 5th!

These are the 2019 General Election endorsements of MainPAC, the political action committee of the MainStream Coalition, for races in Johnson and Wyandotte counties in Kansas.

Our process
Endorsements are decided by a nonpartisan committee that deliberates over candidate surveys, available voting records, candidate interviews when needed, and other factors to determine how closely a candidate is aligned with the values of the MainStream Coalition, and how well their fundraising, organization, and messaging would contribute to their success.

How to vote on November 5th
Early voting begins across Kansas on, or around October 21st, 2019. You can vote early in person, or apply for an advance mail-in ballot. Learn more at

Who is on your ballot?
Go to to see who and what is on your ballot, research candidates, find your polling place, make a plan to vote, and get reminders to cast your ballot, all in one, easy place. If you are in doubt, you can always contact your county election office.

Why vote?
Elections are the best way to have your say in rejecting extremist policies to cut schools, underfund our safety net services, attack our impartial courts, and deny health care where it is most needed.

“No endorsement”
If an endorsement is not available, either no endorsement was made, or there was not enough information to endorse, e.g., a survey was not returned. Learn more about our endorsement process here.

Important note on the election endorsements
Endorsement in previous primary or general elections does not imply or guarantee endorsement in any current or future election.

2019 MainPAC Election Endorsements


Vote YES for the amendment to fix how Kansas adjusts the National Census results. See this analysis for more.

Municipal Elections

Fairway Endorsed Candidate(s)
Ward 2 Tom Cotter
Gail Gregory
Gail Gregory
Ward 3 Michele Kiehl
Joseph Levin
Joseph Levin
Ward 4 Jenna Brofsky
Adam Dolski
Jenna Brofsky
Lake Quivira Endorsed Candidate(s)
Mayor Brady Allan Lilja
John Nelson
no endorsement
At Large Gayle Best
Randy Burgess
David McCullagh
Andrea Noland
Greg Prieb II
Greb Prieb II
Leawood Endorsed Candidate(s)
Mayor Peggy Dunn no endorsement
Ward 1 Andrew Osman no endorsement
Ward 2 Jim Rawlings no endorsement
Ward 3 Lisa Harrison no endorsement
Ward 4 James Azeltine no endorsement
Lenexa Endorsed Candidate(s)
Mayor Michael Boehm no endorsement
Ward 1 Courtney Eiterich
Chris Poss
Courtney Eiterich
Ward 2 Thomas Nolte no endorsement
Ward 3 Dan Roh no endorsement
Ward 4 Linda Leeper
Julie Sayers
Linda Leeper
Julie Sayers
Merriam Endorsed Candidate(s)
Ward 1 John Canterbury
Jason Silvers
no endorsement
Ward 2 Dan Leap
Whitney Yadrich
Whitney Yadrich
Ward 3 Amy Carey
Bruce Kaldahl
Bruce Kaldahl
Ward 4 Staci Chivetta
Bob Pape
Staci Chivetta
Bob Pape
Mission Endorsed Candidate(s)
Ward 1 Trent Boultinghouse
Burton Taylor
Trent Boultinghouse
Ward 2 Nick Schlossmacher no endorsement
Ward 3 Kristin Inman Kristin Inman
Ward 4 Kenneth Davis Kenneth Davis
Mission Hills Endorsed Candidate(s)
At Large Beverly Brooks
Braden Perry
Andrew Weed
no endorsement
Mission Woods Endorsed Candidate(s)
Mayor Darrell Franklin
Robert Tietze
no endorsement
Olathe Endorsed Candidate(s)
Mayor Michael Copeland no endorsement
At Large John Bacon
Alan Marston
Alan Marston
Ward 1 Larry Campbell
Colby White
Larry Campbell
Ward 2 Adam Mickelson
Jim Randall
no endorsement
Overland Park Endorsed Candidate(s)
Ward 1 Holly Grummert
Terry Happer Scheier
Holly Grummert
Terry Happer Scheier
Ward 2 Paul Lyons
Roger Tarbutton
Paul Lyons
Ward 3 Tom Carignan
Stephan Glentzer
Tom Carignan
Ward 4 Dan Osman
Fred Spears
Fred Spears
Ward 5 Phil Bressler
Faris Farassati
Faris Farassati
Ward 6 Rick Collins
Scott Hamblin
Rick Collins
Prairie Village Endorsed Candidate(s)
Ward 1 Chad Herring Chad Herring
Ward 2 Serena Schermoly
Inga Selders
Inga Selders
Ward 3 Bonnie Limbird
Lauren Wolf
Bonnie Limbird
Lauren Wolf
Ward 4 Piper Reimer no endorsement
Ward 5 Courtney McFadden
David Morrison
Courtney McFadden
Ward 6 Ian Graves Ian Graves
Roeland Park Endorsed Candidate(s)
Ward 1 Jan Faidley no endorsement
Ward 2 Benjamin Dickens
Leonard Tocco
no endorsement
Ward 3 Trisha Brauer
Galen Hansen
No endorsement
Ward 4 A.J. Cameron
Michael Rebne
Michael Rebne
Shawnee Endorsed Candidate(s)
Mayor Michelle Distler
Stephanie Meyer
Michelle Distler
Stephanie Meyer
Ward 1 Jim Neighbor
Tammy Thomas
Jim Neighbor
Ward 2 Eric Jenkins
Andy Rondon
Andy Rondon
Ward 3 Kurt Knappen
Dawn Rattan
Dawn Rattan
Ward 3
(2 year)
Lisa Larson-Bunnell
Kevin Straub
Lisa Larson-Bunnell
Ward 4 Jill Chalfie
Kris Durbin
Jill Chalfie
Westwood Endorsed Candidate(s)
Mayor David E. Waters David E. Waters
At Large Laura Steele
Jayme Tebow
Holly Wimer
no endorsement
Westwood Hills Endorsed Candidate(s)
Mayor Paula Schwach no endorsement
At Large Michael Anfang
Ed Gogol
Rosemary Podrebarac
Karen Shelor Sexton
Ludwig Villasi
Karen Shelor Sexton (still pending as of 11/6/19)
Wyandotte Unified Govt. Endorsed Candidate(s)
District 1
At Large
Melissa Brune Bynum
Mark Gilstrap
Melissa Brune Bynum
District 2 Brian McKiernan no endorsement
District 3 Ann Murguia
Christian Ramirez
no endorsement
District 4 Jorge Flores
Harold Johnson
no endorsement
District 6 Diana Aguirre
Angela Markley
no endorsement


School Board Elections

Blue Valley School District Endorsed Candidate(s)
Member 1 Amy Tysseling no endorsement
Member 2 Renee Bartholome
Patrick Hurley
Patrick Hurley
Member 3 Jodie Dietz
Stephanie James
Jodie Dietz
Member 7
At Large
Tom Mitchell
Ashish Patel
no endorsement
Olathe School District Endorsed Candidate(s)
Member 1 LeEtta Felter no endorsement
Member 2 Brad Boyd
Josh Vincent
no endorsement
Member 4 Shannon Wickliffe Shannon Wickliffe
Member 7
At Large
Joe Beveridge Joe Beveridge
Shawnee Mission School District Endorsed Candidate(s)
Member 1 Lisa Feingold
Sara Goodburn
Brian Koon
Sara Goodburn
Member 3 Brian Brown
Jessica Hembree
Brian Brown
Jessica Hembree
Member 5 Jamie Borgman
Devin Wilson
Devin Wilson
Member 7
At Large
Brad Stratton no endorsement
Kansas City KS USD 500 Endorsed Candidate(s)
Member Gary Bradley-Lopez
Yolanda Clark
Monica Crowe
Karen French
Janey Humphries
Brenda Jones
Randy Lopez
Hattie Smith
Joseph Straws
Frieda Tresvan
Valdenia Winn
Gary Bradley-Lopez
Yolanda Clark
Randy Lopez


Community College Board of Trustees Elections

Johnson County CC Endorsed Candidate(s)
At Large Lori Bell
Colleen Cunningham
Jameia Haines
Nancy Ingram
Greg Musil
Laura Smith-Everett
Jameia Haines
Nancy Ingram
Greg Musil
Laura Smith-Everett
Kansas City KS CC Endorsed Candidate(s)
Member Donald Ash
Rosalyn Brown
Patricia Brune
Ray Daniels
Jammie Johnson
Paul Jones
Rosalyn Brown
Patricia Brune
Ray Daniels
Paul Jones


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