Vote No On Or Before August 2nd To Save Reproductive Rights

Stop the Ban  


On August 2nd, every Kansas voter had the opportunity to vote on a constitutional amendment, regardless of party affiliation. If passed, the so-called "value them both" amendment would have changed the Kansas constitution to give extreme politicians the ultimate authority to mandate limited healthcare options and open the door to a complete and total abortion ban.

The KSLeg extremists and outside interest groups who backed the amendment tried to sneak it past voters by placing it on the August primary ballot because they know far fewer Kansans turnout to vote in primaries. They constantly misrepresented current abortion care regulations and intentionally manipulated voters' anxiety and fears. Despite the outright lies and underhanded tactics of the so-called "value them both" campaign:

You and a majority of Kansans across the political spectrum turned out in record numbers to defeat the amendment, preserve the Kansas constitution, and keep abortion care safe and legal in Kansas! 

It was inspiring to see so many Kansans of all ages, political parties, geographic locations and beliefs working together to protect our constitutional rights. This is a win, so take some well-deserved time to celebrate! Then... get ready to do the hard work of keeping this momentum through the Nov 8 general election! It's up to us to protect our victory and block repeated attacks on reproductive freedom in the 2023-2024 Kansas legislative session. #DoMoreThanVote #SaveKansas

Early voting has begun for the so-called "value them both" constitutional amendment. This vote is our best chance to save reproductive rights for all Kansans from extremists legislators who will immediately introduce legislation to ban abortions.

There is so much disinformation out there regarding this vote, so Mainstream decided to remind folks about the facts regarding abortion regulation in Kansas. For those who still don't know which way to vote, or who are confused about the misleading information being put out by the vote yes campaign, here is a simple fact about abortion care and access in Kansas: a no vote doesn't change any of our existing regulations, but a yes vote would give 165 elected legislators power over the bodily autonomy of nearly 1.5 million Kansas women.

This postcard landed in the mailboxes of over 70,000 of our moderate and unaffiliated neighbors over the weekend - a drop in the bucket compared to the number of people we need to get out to vote on or before August 2nd. It may seem like everyone you know has a "vote no" or "vote yes" sign in their yard right now, but we all know that people vote - not yard signs. We still need to educate everyone about what this vote really means for Kansans and make sure that every no vote is cast.

So here's where you come in. Continue to spread the word about the need to get out the vote this August, and if you're just getting started then pledge to the one of these things before today ends:

  • Make sure your friends are voting. Join the Kansas for Constitutional Freedom Voter to Voter team to empower your networks to vote this year. They’ll hook you up with the nonpartisan resources and innovative tools you need to get your friends voting. Get started by signing up for a Voter to Voter training, they happen every Wednesday on Zoom.
  • Vote early. Request your advance ballot at or head over to an early voting polling location. You can find information about how to vote early and make your voting plan with the handy tool from our affiliate The Voter Network.
  • Educate your unaffiliated and independent voters that they can vote on August 2nd. The constitutional amendment will be on all ballots, including those for unaffiliated voters who aren't used to voting in primary elections.
  • Share our graphics and information with anyone looking to get simple facts about abortion care regulation and restrictions that already exist in Kansas. 
  • Donate to our partners at Kansans for Constitutional Freedom - the Vote NO campaign. Help protect legal abortion access in Kansas by chipping in $5 or more today. 
  • Sign up for a phone banking or canvassing shift and knock on doors to educate and remind Kansans about the August 2nd vote.

In the last midterm primary only 30% of registered Kansas voters participated - make sure you have a plan to vote this August 2nd and vote NO to save reproductive rights in Kansas. We're all counting on you.

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