Where We Stand

MainStream began as an organization dedicated to countering extremist voices in politics, and while we have expanded our scope beyond just church and state issues, we still stand as a counter to extremism. This is what MainStream stands for. Below are our position statements specific to issues in 2017.


Mission: The MainStream Coalition informs and engages individuals to advocate for good governance, quality public education, healthy communities and sustainable fiscal policy.

These four areas encompass the breadth of our mission:

Good Governance: MainStream asserts that the people of Kansas have the right to responsible, open, and honest government that serves every Kansan, encourages citizen engagement, and respects the right to representation.

Quality Public Education: MainStream affirms the right of every Kansan to an affordable, equitable, and excellent public education, from early childhood to post graduate opportunity, adequately funded by the state, that respects the professions that care for our children.

Healthy Communities: MainStream upholds the right of Kansans to health, safety, and peace of mind in their personal lives, in their civic communities, and in wider society. Healthy, supportive communities promote engagement, personal success, and a stronger economy.

Sustainable Fiscal Policy: MainStream affirms that, in order to provide services to the people, government must be funded by the people it serves. Revenue and spending policies must treat every Kansan equitably, must be sustainable, and must adequately support government’s duties, be it at the state, county, or municipal level.

2017 Position Statements

During the 2017 Kansas Legislative Session, these were the positions we took on specific issues our legislators debated.

Tax Reform: The MainStream Coalition firmly believes that a sound balanced budget policy is built on an equitable, robust, and sustainable tax policy that spreads the burden among all Kansans. A balance of income, property, and sales taxes is needed, with a lower tax on food. Income tax policy must have three tiers, with progressive tax rates that allow all Kansans to contribute responsibly without harming their livelihood.

Public Education Finance: The MainStream Coalition asserts that access to excellent, equitable public education, from early childhood to post-graduate career, is a fundamental right. Fully funding this education is a fundamental responsibility of government. Quality public education has proven to enhance economic success and health outcomes for students. The Kansas Supreme Court has repeatedly found the state to be underfunding public education, and this must stop.

Health Care: The MainStream Coalition asserts the responsibility of government to take care of its people, especially the most vulnerable, seniors, children, those who do not have the means to care for themselves or their families, and those who cannot care for themselves. Access to affordable, excellent health care wherever you live is a right that should not be denied to anyone.

Guns: The MainStream Coalition supports the Second Amendment, but affirms that the right to bear arms does not extend to endangering the public. We strongly support local control over firearm and weapons related ordinances and regulations, and believe those regulations should require responsible and safe gun ownership.

Women’s Health: The MainStream Coalition believes women have a right to access healthcare without discrimination and have always supported a woman's right to make her own decisions about her reproductive health. We reject the divisive rhetoric of "pro-abortion" labels and support data-driven efforts to reduce abortion rates by improving access to comprehensive sex education as well as affordable family planning.


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