Where We Stand

MainStream has expanded its focus beyond our founding issue of separation of church and state and now stands as a rational voice in irrational times, and as the counter face to political extremism in Kansas.

We are committed to fighting political extremism in order to protect our state's quality of life.

We do this by promoting a rational and civil discourse and by speaking out for good government as defined by:

  • Separation of Church and State
  • Strong Support for Public Education
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • True Separation of Government Powers

Separation of Church and State

MainStream fights policies that impose one set of religious values on the entire state.

We support all Americans' Constitutional right to practice any religion, or no religion at all, without government interference. This is achieved through our support of:

  • Government free of policies based on religious doctrine
  • Schools free of curriculum based on religious doctrine
  • Privacy ion healthcare decisions

We oppose:

  • Science curricula that do not have a basis in contemporary scientific theories
  • Prayer in school
  • Policies that undermine individual choice in all health care decisions

A Strong Public Education System

MainStream fights extreme policies that undermine, weaken and degrade our public education system.

We support:

  • An adequately funded public education system, pre-K through college
  • An education system that gives all Kansas children the opportunity to realize their full potential
  • An education system that creates a high-quality workforce

We oppose:

  • Decreasing funding for preschool, K-12, and Higher Education
  • Diverting public school dollars through voucher program
  • Arming teachers
  • Teaching religion alongside science

Fiscal Responsibility

MainStream fights extreme revenue policies that undermine the state's quality of life

We support:

  • A balanced and diversified tax policy (heavy reliance on sales tax hurts the poorest in our state)
  • Maintaining the "Three Legged Stool" - a healthy mix of income, property and sales tax - which promotes economic stability
  • Revenue strategies that provide adequate funding for public education without placing an undue burden on local school districts

We oppose revenue policies that:

  • Weaken public education, public safety and our transportation infrastructure
  • Benefit corporate interests at the expense of middle and lower class Kansans
  • Create economic instability

A True Separation of Government Powers

MainStream fights extreme policies that undermine the democratic process

We support:

  • An independent and apolitical judiciary
  • Non partisan municipal elections
  • Local control for local jurisdictions
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