$10,000 Match to Save Kansas!

You saw what grassroots efforts could do in the primaries! Some of the worst legislators were ousted: Among them were Senators Jeff Melcher, Forrest Knox, Greg Smith, and Terry Bruce, all 0% scorers on our voting scorecard. In the House, we saw the departure of Kasha Kelley, Connie O'Brien, Charles Macheers, Jerry Lunn, Virgil Peck, and Brett Hildabrand, also 0% scorers.

Now we need to finish the job in the November 8 general election.

We have an amazing opportunity. A generous donor has offered $10,000, if we can get our supporters to match it! We need to raise $10,000 for the general election work we need to do to see more moderates in office, to protect our fair and impartial courts from Brownback, and to bring Kansas back from the brink. And if we do, we'll get another $10,000!

If each of you donates just $10 (or more), we will be on our way!

$10,673.00 raised
GOAL: $10,000.00
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