Our Board of Directors

Erin Gould

Erin Gould | Co-President

David Smith

David Smith | Co-President


Cynthia Smith

Cynthia Smith | Vice President

Brandon Kenig

Brandon Kenig | Secretary/Treasurer

Liz Benditt

Liz Benditt | Boardmember

Alexis Ceule | Boardmember

Beckah Noel

Beckah Noel | Boardmember

Mitch Rucker

Mitch Rucker | Boardmember

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Michael Poppa | Executive Director | Ex-Officio


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In Memoriam

Rev. Dr. Robert H. Meneilly | Chair Emeritus

Rev. Dr. Robert H. Meneilly, fondly known as Dr. Bob, was the founding minister at Village Presbyterian Church. In 1993, he came together with Rabbi Mark Levin, Carol Sader, Nancy Brown, Judy Hellman, and David Goldstein to form what is known today as Mainstream Coalition. Dr. Bob passed away peacefully on July 20, 2021, at the age of 96, surrounded by his family and those who loved him dearly. He will always be remembered for his leadership, compassion and dedication to civil rights.








































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