Dr. Robert H. Meneilly, founding minister at Village Presbyterian Church, fondly known as Dr. Bob across the Greater Kansas City area, serves as our Chairman Emeritus.

In 1993, Dr. Bob preached a sermon at Village Presbyterian Church that was reprinted by the NY Times. Here is a copy, or you can listen to it here on Soundcloud, courtesy of Village Presbyterian Church.

Dr. Bob came together with the following people in 1993 to form what is now known as the MainStream Coalition:

  • David Goldstein
  • Judy Hellman
  • Carol Sader
  • Nancy Brown
  • Mark Levin

While MainStream has grown since 1993, and expanded our scope, we remain true to the founding principles of the organization, which we have summarized here:

The MainStream Coalition was founded to guard against the encroachment of religious doctrine into the public space. While our sphere of advocacy has grown, the founding principles still inform MainStream’s work today. Among those are respect for the rights, beliefs, and freedoms of all individuals; recognition that the political process is critical in securing and defending those rights; and the assertion that compromise around common values builds a just society.

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