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Thank you for renewing your membership with the MainStream Coalition! MainStream has been around for over two decades, since 1993, fighting that whole time to preserve moderate, sensible politics in Kansas. We fight for religious freedom, good, responsible government, and strong public schools. These have always been values that Kansans hold high, but we need your help to see it through.

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Individual Membership - $35

One additional year. An individual membership provides us with enough support for a hundred voting toolkits, a couple of yards signs, or one good get out the vote campaign on Facebook. Any level of support is invaluable to us. Thank you.

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Household Membership - $55

One additional year. A household membership is perfect for families who want to give a little more. This level of support enables us to do more education on the issues that are important to moderates.

Renew with MainStream for $55

Member Leader - starting at $100

One additional year. At this level you are giving MainStream the resources to do more than just advocate. At this level, we can really make a difference with our education and advocacy efforts. Thank you for leading the charge.

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Member Partner - starting at $500

One additional year. As a Partner with MainStream, you allow us to make a real difference in the direction Kansas is heading. We rely on your leadership and generosity to push forward against the tide of extremism sweeping our State. Thank you.

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