Get Involved

The second step in making a difference (after getting informed) is to get involved. The very first step in getting involved is, of course, voting. At MainStream, we encourage everyone to vote early (advance ballots) and often (in every election that comes up, local, state, or national). But we also urge our members to do more than vote.

What can you do to help? Do you have time to spare? Do you have money you can donate? Can you run for office? Are you good on the phone, or in person? Do you like meeting voters, or can you help out at our events?

There are any number of ways you can choose to make a difference in the future of our state.

Who represents you?

The first step in getting involved is knowing who your legislators are. Use our tool below to find your local Kansas State Representative and Senator, and see their MainStream lifetime score. Write their names down, these are the people making decisions for you in Topeka.

Get in touch with your Kansas legislators!

Use the tool above to find their email address or their phone number, both in Topeka and at home, and get in touch. Ask when their next public meeting is, or if you can get a copy of their newsletter. If you want an easy way to email them, use the links below.

Volunteer for MainStream!

We have any number of volunteer opportunities, and we need willing people to fill them. Everything from phone callers to list makers, letter writers to carpool drivers, sign wavers to Facebook users.

Work with candidates!

Good candidates, both new and incumbent, are always looking for help. We can connect you with the candidate in your district, or with a candidate near you who needs a volunteer.

Work for MainStream

Occasionally, we hire interns or individuals for other positions. Check here to see if we have any openings.

Run for office!

Have you thought about running for office? We hold regular workshops on running for local office. If you've missed one, we can send you the materials. June 1 is the deadline for filing, so get in touch!

Fill a precinct chair!

There is always a need for good candidates, and if you want to run for office, get in touch with us. But there is a great need for precinct chairs, who choose legislators if someone steps down mid-term. Learn more and step up!