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MainStream's founding issue is the separation of church and state, and as part of that, demanding respect for the rights, freedoms, and beliefs of all individuals. Freedom is not, as some extremists would have you think, the right to do what you will, where you will. Rather, freedom is the...

Many political and advocacy groups are spending these months between the election and the start of the Kansas legislative session (January 14, 2019!) working on their plans for next year, and 2020 after. We are doing our own work, and have attended meetings, spoken with like organizations, and begun to...

Throughout the election just past, while we worked to engage voters in all levels of the ballot, we maintained that the single most important election on it was for Governor of Kansas. Not just because the election of Kris Kobach would mean a return to the policies of Sam Brownback,...


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People's State of the State”

January 15, 2019 at 11:30am - 1pm
Kansas Statehouse
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Do More Than Vote

MainStream is a coalition of informed citizens who believe that moderate voices need to be heard in today's political climate. We stand for mainstream, common sense, responsible and compassionate ideals. We believe that people with different points of view can come together to forge good government that benefits all citizens.

Republican or Democrat, Independent or unaffiliated, MainStream Coalition's members stand for strong public education free of special interests, fiscally responsible policies that balance revenue strategies, and good government free from partisan machinations and religious doctrine.

More than that, our members understand that to take Kansas back from extremists and their ideologies, we need to do more than just vote. We need to get informed, get involved, and speak out.

If you are frustrated by extremist tactics, wish there were a rational voice for common sense in politics, and embrace the notion that good ideas can come from both sides of the partisan divide, then welcome to MainStream.

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