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Who represents you? What do they stand for? Are their positions compatible with a moderate outlook? There are a number of resources for finding out about the people who make decisions on your behalf.

    This is a tool created and maintained by MainStream for Kansans. Find your state Representative and Senator, their MainStream score, and how to contact them.
  • Voting scorecards. MainStream records the votes of Kansas legislators on certain bills, to score them on how close they are to the positions we support. Go here to find their latest scores.

Kansas Legislation

Extreme views and partisan posturing are just so much blather until the legislation is passed. Here are some resources for keeping up with Kansas legislative goings on.

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While Mainstream supports a number of standing positions, we have chosen a some of top-line importance to highlight. But we stay vigilant to counter extremist legislation of any kind.

Budget and Taxes

In 2012, coming on the heels of a national recession that saw State services slashed, and with real economic gains starting to show up, Governor Brownback engineered a massive income tax cut under the premise that it would jumpstart the Kansas economy. Instead, revenues have plummeted, requiring even more cuts to services. The Kansas Experiment is an abject failure.

MainStream believes that a solid revenue strategy for the state does not overburden any one segment of the population, relies on sales, income, and property taxes, and provides enough funds to properly support the duties of state government.

Civil Rights, Equality, and Religious Freedom

Kansas has a proud history of being at the forefront of civil rights issues, from the Civil War to Brown v. Board of Education. But its recent history has not been so impressive. Repeated attempts to curtail the rights of LGBT citizens, under the guise of "religious freedom" have been common the last few years. We've also seen an increasing number of attempts to curb "ethnic studies" and/or cultures and traditions not well represented in Kansas.

MainStream believes that every citizen has the same rights, regardless of gender, race, age, sexual identity, or sexual orientation. Any legislation that attempts to curtail those rights, to segregate some members of society, or give preference to one rigid morality is contrary to the spirit of the country (read: "Un-American").

Health Care

There hasn't been a more contentious, tone-deaf, blindly partisan issue in recent years than health care and the Affordable Care Act. Polls have shown that nationally, and in Kansas, affordable health care is popular, as long as it isn't called Obamacare. With cries of "Socialism!" and "Government Take-over!" the far right have worked to dismantle any compassionate, patient-centered health care measures. Instead, Kansas has KanCare, a mismanaged state takeover of Medicaid that has turned sour, losing money, holding back refunds, and limiting care.

MainStream believes that compassionate, competent, affordable health care should be available to every Kansan, regardless of income or situation. The state's dubious assertion that they can manage any system well has been put to the lie by their mismanagement of KanCare.


Part and parcel of good government are the checks and balances between the three branches of government: the administration, the legislature, and the courts. The Kansas right wing ideologues, thwarted by the courts (some would say, by the State's Constitution), especially on school funding matters, have begun a campaign to unbalance these checks. The attacks have become nearly constant of late, and will culminate in a campaign to reject retention of judges on the general election ballot in November 2016.

MainStream strongly believes that an independent judiciary is vital to the health of the state, and actions by the Governor or the Legislature to usurp, diminish, or influence the judicial branch of government should be strongly opposed.

Public Education

The financing of public education is a requirement of the Kansas Constitution. Despite this binding obligation, and despite numerous lawsuits, Kansas legislators and lobbyists have been continuing to slash state spending on education to fulfill their mission to shrink government. Without greater voter engagement, they may ultimately cause Kansas public schools to fail.

MainStream believes an excellent education is a right given to every Kansas child by the Kansas Constitution, and that every Kansas child deserves the same opportunity to succeed. Public education is a singular responsibility of the state, and benefits every Kansas citizen. There is no excuse for shrinking, privatizing, or curtailing public education in Kansas.

Reproductive Health Services

Kansas has a deplorable history of trying to deny access to reproductive health services. We have some of the most onerous restrictions on access to abortions, contraceptives, and sexual health education. For example, pharmacists may refuse to provide contraceptives if they choose, and are not required to refer to another source. In many Kansas towns, there is only one pharmacy, effectively denying some contraceptives to those Kansas citizens.

MainStream rejects the notion that anyone is "pro-abortion," a charge often leveled at those calling themselves pro choice. The moderate position is that reproductive health issues are medical and personal, and should not be subject to the morality of any government official.

Voting Rights

Voting is a right and a duty. As a right, it should not be limited in any way. In Kansas, the Secretary of State has repeatedly argued that protections from voter fraud are more important than unfettered access to this right. But when asked to support voting machine audits to prevent voting fraud, his office demures.

MainStream believes that every eligible voter has the right to vote, and should be enabled and encouraged to do so by the Kansas Secretary of State, rather than confronted with obstacles.