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Join us for Walk the Vote on Saturday, June 13 at 10 am, online!
Don't miss the Walk Week activities and fun events from June 5-12


Walk Week!

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Registration is only $35 per person. Sign up to walk as an individual, or as a team!

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We have a week of activities and community building from June 5-12, leading up to the Walk the Vote Event at 10 am on Saturday, June 13th. Check back here to see the events as we start to unveil them!

Scavenger Hunt
Wednesday, June 10

Go for a Walk in your neighborhood and take some pictures to post to social media using #walkthevote. Tag us on Instagram (@ksmainstream) or Twitter (@ksmainstream), or put it in the FB Group. See if you can find all of these items! Whoever finds the most will win a prize!

  • A statue
  • A lilac bush
  • Something in the Walk the Vote color (it's called "berry")
  • A red door
  • A blue door
  • A purple door
  • A painted rock (it could be your own... we won't judge!)
  • A homemade (or at least home-colored) Walk the Vote sign
  • A picture of your own sign showing us why you walk
  • ...and more!