On this page, the MainStream Coalition will present actions, either email, or otherwise, that members and supporters could take to further advocacy for issues important to them. These actions may come and go, but we always recommend that constituents stay in touch with their representatives, and so offer a few default actions.

Current Actions!

Take these actions now! (as of 5/20/2019)

Women's Health - Tell your Kansas Legislators to defend women's rights in 2020. In 2020, the Kansas Legislature will almost certainly vote on an amendment to the Kansas Constitution to ensure it no longer guarantees the right of women to legal, safe abortions. Send this email to tell your Kansas State Senator and your Kansas State Representative to reject this amendment during the session. Their vote on this issue will be critical. Your continued contact with them is key.

Actions you can always take

  • Email your KS Representative: Thank your Representative for their public service, and let them know you are a constituent and are paying attention. You can change the text to let them know what is important to you.

  • Email your KS Senator: Thank your Senator for their public service, and let them know you are a constituent and are paying attention. You can change the text to let them know what is important to you.

Past Actions

  • Health Care Expansion - Thank you for all you did. - Advocates put on a full press this year, complete with legislative strategies to circumvent Leadership tactics, and a last second stand to demand a vote in the Senate. You were a large part of this effort, and your actions spoke loud. Kansans want Medicaid expansion. Kansas Legislators want Medicaid expansion. The Governor of Kansas wants Medicaid expansion. But leadership in the Legislature managed to prevent a final vote this year. We will push again next year, and look forward to your support.

  • Taxes - Thank you! You sent hundreds of emails in response to this call! We simply can't return to the days when the Kansas budget failed to invest in needed services. We can't afford the further cuts and desperation. We can't risk another Brownback-style tax experiment, less than two years after ending the first one. Gov. Kelly vetoed SB 2 on Monday, March 25, 2019, and Legislative Leadership could not secure enough votes to override it!

  • Education - Thank you! You sent hundreds of emails in response to this call! Your legislators heard you (as did Leadership, who got each one of those hundreds of emails) and the Kansas Legislature passed H Sub for SB16, which contains the Governor's plan for meeting the Court's funding requirement. This plan was arrived at with the collaboration of the State Board of Education and the Kansas State Department of Education, in consultation with the Gannon plaintiffs.

  • Reproductive Health - Thank you for sending emails in response to this action. HB2274 (in the end bundled with other bills as SB67) will require doctors to tell women that the so-called "abortion pill" may be reversible, when this is not proven. Despite your actions, the Legislature passed this and sent it on to the Governor. But her veto could not be overcome by extremists in the Statehouse. Thank you!

  • Gun Safety - Thank you for sending emails in response to this action. HB2326, passed by the Kansas House, did not receive a vote in the Kansas Senate. It would lower the age at which concealed handguns could be carried to 18. A high school teenager could legally carry a hidden, loaded handgun. We will keep an eye on this bill, as it will likely rise again, certainly next year, maybe later this year.

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