Stand Up, Speak Out

The annual Stand Up, Speak Out Dinner has been held since 2001, celebrating the following principles: respect for the rights, beliefs, and freedoms of all individuals; the courage to stand up for justice and equality, even when unpopular; and the importance of engaging in the political process to secure those rights.

For many years, these principles were embodied in the Robert H. Meneilly Award, named in honor of our founding chairman, Dr. Robert H. Meneilly, and given to individuals who exemplified these beliefs. Now, the Dinner celebrates this activism in all of us, while highlighting speakers who offer insightful or inspiring commentary in support of these principles.

Join us, and hundreds of other engaged, exciting guests, as we continue to work for a better Kansas for ALL Kansans.

2020 Stand Up, Speak Out Awards Dinner

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused us to cancel this year's Stand Up, Speak Out event, for the safety of our patrons, volunteers, and staff. But this year remains critical to the political future of Kansas, and to the Mainstream Coalition's continued work. Your support is as important this year as ever.

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Robert H. Meneilly

Past Honorees. These are the honorees who received the Robert H. Meneilly Award from 2001 to 2017.

Robert H. Meneilly • Walt Hiersteiner • Corinthian Nutter • Carol Sader • Ellen Laner • Kay Barnes • Judy Hellman • Eleanor Lowe • The Founders of True Blue Women • Suzanne Eleanor Allen • Nancy Brown • David Goldstein • Mark Levin • Heartland Men's Chorus • Congressman Dennis Moore • Sen. Terrie Huntington • Sen. Tim Owens • Sen. John Vratil • Rep. Barbara Bollier • Rev. George Tormohlen • Jim Borthwick • Janis McMillen • Game On for Kansas Schools • Bert Berkley • Sandy Praeger • ReRoute the Roadmap • Dr. Cynthia Lane • Coalition of Local Kansas Chambers of Commerce • Stand Up Blue Valley • Women for Kansas • Johnson County Educators • Alliance for a Healthy Kansas • Kansans for Fair Courts • League of Women Voters of Kansas • Kansas Contractors Association • Gov. John Carlin • Gov. Mike Hayden • Gov. Bill Graves • Gov. Kathleen Sebelius • Duane Goossen

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