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  Make the next two minutes count: Take 3 simple actions to help save public schools & protect voting rights!

  ‼️ACTION ALERT‼️ As we wade into March, and ever further into the legislative session​, we continue to see harmful bills advancing in the KSLeg. ​Among them are targeted attacks ​on voting rights, ​religious freedom, and ​public education. MAKE TONIGHT COUNT! Ask five friends to join you in taking the...

March came in like a lion at the KSleg


Mainstream is dedicated to creating a more representative and responsive government by empowering informed participation and meaningful action in the political process. We envision a Kansas political system that represents all of its constituents.

The Mainstream organization is comprised of two affiliates with distinct but complementary goals: our 501c4, Mainstream Coalition, and 501c3, Mainstream Civic Engagement (formerly Mainstream Education Foundation dba The Voter Network). Together, we aim to realize our shared vision of a Kansas political system that represents all of its constituents. We believe that engagement in all aspects of the political process is critical to our work.

Mainstream Coalition is a nonpartisan grassroots political organization primarily involved in legislative advocacy. We were founded in 1993 with the primary purpose of guarding against ideological extremism and protecting the separation of religion and government. While our sphere of advocacy has grown over the years, we remain true to the full work of democracy that has always been integral to our mission: respect for the rights, beliefs, and freedoms of all individuals.

Mainstream Civic Engagement prioritizes building community power and local leadership utilizing technology, increasing voter education and turnout, and creating momentum for stronger personal advocacy. We have positioned ourselves as a key partner in this space by working in coalition with legislators and other nonpartisan advocacy groups to ramp up voter education and engagement.

For 30 years, Mainstream has worked with communities locally and across the state to educate Kansans about the political process, increase civic participation and voter engagement, and build opportunities for volunteer and leadership development. Mainstream has positioned itself as a key partner in this space by working in coalition with elected officials and nonpartisan advocacy partners to increase voter education, engagement and turnout. Kansans look to Mainstream as a trusted partner in the nonpartisan civic engagement space.

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