This is a message from our new President of the Board of the MainStream Coalition, Carol Marinovich.

     In this past year we saw a number of successes with the election of several additional moderates to the Kansas legislature. This could not have happened without moderates throughout the state working together for the future of Kansas.

     Isn’t it amazing what can happen when people come together, regardless of party, and work together with the hope of improving a community? We felt this incredible energy in the room with the 750 people who attended our annual Stand Up Speak Out event in October.

     Needless to say, our work is not complete. This year we must not only hold Kansas legislators accountable for their actions – or inaction – but also support the moderates who were newly elected or reelected to the Kansas Legislature. It will be imperative for each and every one of us to keep informed and help spread accurate information to family, friends and colleagues. Difficult decisions will need to be made by legislators in order to begin to correct the failed Brownback economic policies which have created budget shortfalls in the millions of dollars (and we don’t yet know what the court will require to settle the school funding issue). These tough decisions, I am sure, will be used against moderates during the next election cycle with political half-truths.  We must remain vigilant in keeping the public informed.

     The MainStream Coalition is well positioned to help people be engaged and informed through our educational forums, weekly updates, volunteer opportunities and connections with partner organizations. Please help us spread the word.

     This organization has a strong staff, a dedicated board of directors, active volunteers and supporters, and community-minded donors. As the newly elected president of MainStream, I would like to thank all of you for your hard work this past year and ask you to continue your active dedication to improving this great state we call home.

     On behalf of the MainStream Coalition I would like to wish you a wonderful New Year – a new year, a new beginning.

Carol Marinovich, Board President

Carol Marinovich
President of the Board
MainStream Coalition

The Legislative Session begins next week, on Monday January 9th, and we will begin our coverage. Until then, be sure to check the events and the news, a lot is coming up (see the event on January 11 in Topeka!), and a lot has happened to set the stage for this year. Stay informed, stay involved, and do more than vote.

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