ALERT! Ask your KS Senator to vote on on SB 61, expanding education vouchers

SB 61 (the identical companion to HB 2068) is a bill to further expand the Tax Credit Scholarship program that sends tax money to private schools in Kansas. It will be voted on in the Kansas Senate today!

Contact your KS Senator and ask them to vote no on this bill.

Contact information for your KS Senator is available from our service at:

Here is suggested text for an email, if you want to use it:

===== suggested email text below =====

Subject: Please oppose SB 61

Please oppose passage of SB 61. The Kansas Constitution guarantees an excellent education to every Kansas child. By sending tax dollars to fund private educational institutions that are not required to adhere to the same standards of excellence, of reporting, and of non-discrimination as public schools, Kansas is breaking that promise.

Instead, please fully fund public education, which is still not funded even to the level it was a decade ago.

Please reject SB 61. Thank you.

===== end email text =====

Thank you for your advocacy! You can watch or listen to the proceedings starting at 2:30 pm.

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