ALERT: KS election hangs in balance of leadership vote

This year, Kansas voted in moderate legislators to bring needed change to the state, but all of that is in jeopardy if Brownback's allies remain in leadership positions. On Monday, December 5th, Republican Kansas House Representatives will elect their Speaker. The Speaker has immense power to set the agenda for the entire legislative session.

We need you to contact your Representative and ask them to support Russ Jennings for the position of Speaker. The alternatives, Ron Ryckman or Jene Vickrey, will walk back every step forward taken in this election.

When you contact your Representative, keep the message positive. Many of them already plan to support Jennings. Some are on the fence. The others just need to be shown that moderate supporters are active, engaged, and plan to stay that way.

Need help finding your Rep?

Call or text us at (913) 649-3326, and we can help you.

Can't call? Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Who is your KS Rep?

Most of the lists have not been updated yet for the new legislators. This will take a couple of steps. First, if you don't know it, find your Kansas House District at Openstates. Then look at our list of 2017 legislators, and find yours. If you're represented by a Democrat, they will be unable to vote for the Speaker. But if you are represented by a Republican, contact them today.

Step 2: How to contact them?

If your Representative is an incumbent, you can find their contact information at the Kansas Legislature site. If not, the Alliance for a Healthy Kansas put together a contact list of candidates during the election, and you can find them there. Start there, and search by name and district.

Step 3: What to tell them

Use the suggested text below, or make it your own.

"My name is _________ and I am a constituent in your district. I wanted to thank you for your public service, and ask you to support Representative Russ Jennings in the upcoming leadership vote in the Legislature. Kansas clearly voted for a new direction this year, and Representative Jennings is the best choice to lead us there. I want to see a change in Kansas, and wanted to let you know that I am grateful for your support."

Again, this is a critical vote on Monday, and your Representative needs to hear from you.

Thank you.

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