An Eventful Year

This is a special letter to MainStream supporters from our outgoing Board President, Dennis Sweeny.

My time as president of MainStream is ending this month. It has been an eventful two years.

MS President Dennis SweenyMainStream has accomplished much during this time. Although the election statewide in Kansas was disappointing, we were able to hold our moderate seats in the Kansas House and actually add an additional seat. This is no small accomplishment and one we can certainly build on. 

MainStream is in an excellent position to become more influential over the next few years and it is critical that we do so. We have almost doubled our budget over the last couple of years and recruited some very talented staff and board members. We have improved our digital footprint by updating our website, publishing updates more often, and building our network across the state. Brandi Fisher, our Executive Director, is an excellent leader of our organization and has been instrumental in our success. 

For the first time the MainStream Coalition and MainPAC came together to work towards better election results. The Coalition reached out to our members and encouraged them to get involved in the campaigns. We organized phone banks and canvasses. Our members put up yard signs. We were active on Facebook. Our PAC held its first big fundraiser in the Spring, raising thousands of dollars to support our moderate candidates. 

Obviously there is still much to do and we cannot rest. If we want practical and thoughtful government, those of us who are thoughtful and practical have to stay involved. There is no other choice.

I appreciate having had the chance to meet and work with many of you. Thank you. 

Dennis Sweeny


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