On this Independence Day, we urge you to celebrate what it means to live in the United States, where we still believe in helping those who need it, in standing against oppression, and in the unassailable strength of diversity in the face of tyranny. The peoples that stood against King George came from different cultures, languages, and religions. The Continental Army was made up of different nationalities, beliefs, and traditions. And yet, they formed a greater union that has stood the test of time for more than two hundred years.

Girl with American flag and fireworksIt is this strength that we cherish and celebrate on this holiday. Kansas has always been a place of neighbors, where differences are set aside when need calls. For the last fifty years we have alternated political parties in the Governor's mansion. Kansans have rejected the policies of estrangement and discrimination, they have turned away from extremism and polarization. Just this year, we have seen Kansas voters urge the state back on to a moderate path, just as the country seems set to veer off the cliff.

Where Kansas leads, the rest of the country follows. Enjoy time with friends or family this holiday, but come back ready to stand up for our country in 2018, to show them how we can come back from the brink.

Remember to do more than vote. Get informed. Get involved. Make a difference.

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