Giving Thanks

This week we celebrate all the things we take for granted, giving thanks that we have democracy, education opportunities for our children, our health, and financial peace of mind. We thank all those who work tirelessly to make our democracy more transparent, to make the education our children receive more equitable and excellent, to make access to health care a reality for everyone, and to make sure we do not bankrupt the future with poor financial policy today.

We especially thank all those who ran for office, volunteered for candidates, donated to campaigns, and went out to vote this year. We give thanks for all of you who make Kansas better for ALL Kansans.

As we do every year, we encourage you, when you are with your loved ones this holiday, to engage them in political talk. There are many jokes and skits and memes about the horrors of doing just that, we know. But we can make a difference starting right at home with family and friends.

And thank you, above all, for doing more than voting.

Get informed, get involved, make a difference.

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