How to Watch Our Live Broadcast

We will be broadcasting many of our events using Google's Hangouts On Air service. In basic terms, this allows us to record our events live to our YouTube account, and then Google will broadcast that recording to anyone on the Internet who requests it. The delay between recording and broadcasting can be about one minute.

Where to watch

When we have a live broadcast event going on, you can watch it here on our site (go to the homepage) or on our YouTube Channel.

Requirements to watch

To view our live broadcast, you will need to have a modern computer with a web browser, and an Internet connection. Here is what you need:

  • Recent version browser: Chrome, Firefox, IE, or Safari (or a mobile browser)
  • Recent version operating system: OS X, Windows, Ubuntu, Chrome, iOS or Android
  • Computer with 2 GHz dual core processor or greater (a recent computer should do, recent phones or tablets will also work)
  • Internet connection capable of 2 mbps download speeds ("broadband" or "LTE" should be fine)

Requirements to participate (chat)

We will be monitoring our Twitter account so just send us a note there (@ksmainstream). Interactive chat is available if you are watching via Google+ and the Hangouts website or mobile app, but require a Google+ account.

Test your setup

You might want to to test your connection and equipment before the event. Once the event begins, we will have our hands full managing the broadcast, and will be unlikely to be able to assist with your connection.

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