Labor Day

Labor Day was established in 1894 as a Federal holiday, but only after thirty states had already instituted it on their own. A day to commemorate the nation's workers and their contributions to the country, it began with the states. Today, the government of Kansas is doing its best to reverse that.

This week, we had news that the Department of Children and Families is offering raises to employees if they give up some of their employment rights. And for the past five years, Kansas has propped up irresponsible tax policies with money from KPERS, the public employee retirement system, skipping repayments when there was not enough revenue. In 2014, the Kansas Legislature stripped public school teachers of their due process employment rights. And this year, our state government once again denied over 150,000 working Kansas, many of them veterans, the right to access affordable health care. Meanwhile, our Governor's promises of 100,000 new jobs have failed to materialize.

As you celebrate Labor Day, please remember those who have to work today, those who want to work every day, and those who have fought for their rights as workers. We can make a difference in their lives, in all of our lives, and in the success of our state in 2018.

Do more than vote. Get informed, get involved, make a difference.

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