Labor Day

As you celebrate Labor Day today, we wanted to bring you three snapshot items, in our usual brief holiday update.

1. Talk about politics

As always, as you celebrate at gatherings with friends and family, remember that this is the perfect time to talk about politics. If you can't talk with the people you know best, who can you talk to? We can hear you saying, "What? But my family are the worst people to talk to about politics!" If you want some help, take a look at our amazing, non-partisan, peer get out the vote program, Voter to Voter. As a voting ambassador working to get your friends and family to vote, we'll support you with weekly tips and suggested tactics, an community of ambassadors to commiserate with, and an online tool to help you make sure your people actually get to the ballot box.

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Learn more and join the effort at!


2. Learn more about Labor Day

There are many memes floating about regarding the benefits workers have reaped from the organized labor movement, whether those workers are unionized or not: the weekend, the eight hour workday, on the job safety, and more. Here's an article by a historian for a little perspective:


3. Meet Delia Garcia, KS Secretary of Labor

As Governor Kelly began retaking the ground lost during the Brownback years, she appointed Delia Garcia as her Secretary of Labor. Ms. Garcia is a tremendous force in Kansas, and has already begun to make job opportunities and economic development work for all Kansans again. Learn a little more about our Secretary of Labor.


Happy Labor Day! Remember to do more than vote.

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