One Week Left

There's just one week left to vote. Everyone calls these the mid-term elections, because there isn't a Presidential election on the ballot (although we might all wish there was!). But that also makes them seem less important. Let's not mince words: this is a critical election.

We are electing US Representatives to Congress who will either support or oppose President Trump's agenda. We are electing a Governor who will either support or reject Brownback's policy positions. We are electing a Secretary of State who will either support or oppose voting rights. And, lest we forget, we are electing the entire Kansas House of Representatives, who will be the ones to create and pass legislation that goes before the Governor.

But the good news is, you can vote today! Or tomorrow. All this week, in fact, and Saturday in some places, and even next Monday until noon in a few locations. We have a handy list you can check for advance voting locations and times:

Go do that. We'll be here when you get back. But the jury's out about whether the Kansas you know will be here in a week if you don't go vote.

Done? Good. Now, let's work on how you can do more than vote.

Do this: Get everyone you know to vote early!

(Want to see if they've voted yet? Join MainStream's Voter to Voter team, add the people you know, and see if their "Voted?" markers are green! Learn more about Voter to Voter here.)

Last time we elected a Governor in Kansas (remember, in 2014 we re-elected Sam Brownback) only half the registered voters across the state bothered to vote. Over 800,000 registered Kansans did not cast a ballot. This year, we are again electing a Governor, and we need better than 50% participation. Your vote, and your efforts to get others to vote, are critical.

The number one thing you can do this week is to tell everyone you know how important it is to vote early. Do it in person, on Facebook, in email... 

  • The lines are shorter than they are on election day. They can be in and out in just a few minutes.
  • They can pick the day they want to go vote! Don't like Tuesdays? Vote this coming Thursday! Can't get away from work? Many early voting locations are open this Saturday!
  • Avoid the weather! Some people like to vote no matter what, sleet, snow, cold wind! But if they like to stay warm and dry on those days, vote this week. The weather's supposed to be great!
  • Stop the insanity! When they vote, that fact gets noted on the voting rolls. Campaigns get those daily, and they will stop sending calls and emails and maybe even regular mail to people who have already cast their vote!
  • Early voting locations are everywhere! We have a handy link to statewide voting locations, help them find theirs!

We joke about telling people to vote early and often. But we mean it. Vote in every election that comes before you (we vote now every year in Kansas, in August and November!). And vote early each and every time.

Remember, it starts here. With you. Do more than vote.

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