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It is not too far a stretch to say that what is wrong with Kansas today stems from the lack of revenue available to fund even the most basic of services. It is the budget which is at risk this week and next, and the health, safety, and opportunity of all Kansans hangs in the balance.

We need a reasonable, sustainable, compassionate budget arrived at in a transparent, ethical manner, with the concerns of all Kansas at the forefront.

  • Add your name to this list if you recognize the importance of this budget process at the end of the session.
  • Add your name if you expect the extremists to pull another shady deal at the expense of middle class, working Kansans.
  • Add your name to this list if you want to speak out against their tactics.
  • Sign up to stand up for what needs to be done in Kansas.

Then come to our forum on Thursday on "Gutting the Budget" with the Director of the Kansas Center for Economic growth, a former twelve year Kansas Budget Director, and a sitting Kansas House Representative. Learn more, including how you can watch it online.

We will send you action items this week or next. When the budget proposals come down, it will be all hands on deck as they attempt to crash it through with no time for debate or commentary.

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