Stop the Next Kris Kobach

Who are we talking about? Who is the next Kris Kobach? To tell you the truth, we don't know, but if you'd known what his future held twenty years ago, when Kris Kobach won his first elected position, do you think you would have voted, worked, and donated to his opponent?

We won't bury the lede any longer. In 1999, Kris Kobach was elected to the City Council for Overland Park, Kansas. It was his first elected office, and it helped lay the path for his future. In 2018, he did not win the Governor's race, but in those twenty years, his policies and programs have wreaked havoc on voting rights and the lives of immigrants to this country. He continues to make noise on a national level with voter suppression tactics and immigrant discrimination policies.

Imagine if he had not won that race. You can stop the next Kris Kobach, by voting this year, in your own local elections. Here is how:

Remember, in Kansas we now vote every year in August and November. Do more than vote.

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