Take Action Today! Ask Gov Kelly to Veto Bad Education and LGBTQ Bills

Governor Kelly will soon be taking action on two harmful bills for Kansas. We need you to email her TODAY to ask her to veto SB 160 and SB 58!


SB 160, the anti-transgender bill banning trans girls from participating in school sports, will hurt our LGBTQ youth and families, public education, and Kansas economy. Governor Kelly needs to veto this discriminatory bill and send a clear message to the Kansas Legislature that Kansans do not support state sponsored bullying of our youth.

Email Governor Kelly today before she takes action on this bill and ask her to support LGBTQ Kansans and our youth by vetoing SB 160.

SB 58, the so-called "Parents' Bill of Rights" wasn’t written for parents, but to appease outside interests looking to interfere with our public schools. Parents already have access to their student’s teacher and educational materials, which is why not a single Kansas parent spoke in support of this bill during the legislative process - because parents know that this bill will be bad for students, teachers, and public education.

Please email Governor Kelly and ask her to veto SB 58, and then share this action alert from KNEA with your network - especially parents!

Thank you for taking action with us! Together we can #SaveKansas!

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