Testimony supporting repeal of campus carry - SB53 and HB2074

This is the testimony delivered by MainStream at hearings on campus carry repeal bills, SB53 in the Senate Committee on Federal and State Affairs, and HB 2704 in the House Committee on Federal and State Affairs.

Testimony to House and Senate Committees on Federal and State Affairs

Position – SUPPORT SB 53 / HB 2074 - Creating a permanent exemption for certain entities from the public buildings law under the personal and family protection act 

Chairman, Members of the Committee, 

The MainStream Coalition supports Senate Bill 53 / House Bill 2074, making permanent the exemptions afforded certain public buildings under Kansas firearm statutes.

The employees and patrons of Kansas’ universities, hospitals, and mental health institutions are safer with these exemptions than without. These institutions are designed to challenge, heal, and protect our citizens. The promise made to Kansans is that these institutions will protect and nurture them. Concealed firearms on the premises violate that promise.

Kansans understand the nature of the work done in these buildings. These patrons and employees live and work under constant stress, be it because of the rigorous academic environment meant to challenge our young adults, the slow approach or sudden trauma of injury or illness, or the careful care required by those who cannot safely care for themselves. In each of these environments, stress can lead to regrettable actions that could be made fatal if firearms are present. 

These exemptions protect the safety of these employees and patrons, but also increase the attractiveness of positions at these institutions to the brightest applicants in Kansas and beyond.

Respectfully, we urge you to support passage of SB 53 / HB 2074.

Thank you,

Brandi Fisher
Executive Director, MainStream Coalition

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