Thank you, there's more

When we received a recent donation of $10,000 towards the general election activity we were planning, we were thrilled. This donor had seen what grassroots efforts could accomplish in the primary, and believed more could be done. But it was a matching gift. We needed to raise another $10,000 from our members and supporters to get that donation.

So we set out to carefully map our approach. We knew, with the groundswell of support seen by MainStream and other groups in the primaries, that the will was there. Kansans have turned the corner on Brownback's policy ideas. But would people step up? We had one week and plans to make targeted calls if the money didn't come through. But there was no need for that.

We started on Thursday afternoon with an email, and by Sunday morning—just three days into our planned week—our incredible supporters, you, had come through.

That feeling of validation when our generous donor believed in us? Nothing compared to this.

Thank you.

But there's more.

We connect every week with several thousand supporters by email. A couple hundred of you stepped up for this donation drive, and secured a total of $20,000 (and counting!) for our election work this Fall. We won't be promoting this drive any more, but want to make sure you have the chance to join this movement of Kansans who want change.

We asked for $10. This movement gave us $10,000.

We want you to take that generosity and use it to, not nudge, but shift, shunt, drive Kansas back onto the right path.

Give. Give to your candidates. Give to the organizations that value your issues. Keep giving to us! If you can't give money, give your time. We are, and will continue to list candidates endorsed by MainPAC and the opportunities they have for volunteers, every week at the bottom of this newsletter.

Do more than vote, work hard for this change.

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