There's Still Time to Take Action!

It’s Day #1 of floor votes before Turnaround -- and it’s going to be a looong one. The House gaveled in at 9:30 am and the Senate convened at 10:30 am. It's not too late to take action!

Between both chambers, they’ll be debating and voting on over 50 pieces of proposed legislation. Among those are some really bad bills attacking the LGBTQ community (specifically transgender Kansans), disenfranchising voters, subverting the democratic process, and dismantling public education. Mainstream opposes any attempt to govern with religion or strip basic human rights from Kansans.

You still have time to #DoMoreThanVote and join us in opposition to these extremist ideologies and, well, just really awful governing! Visit to find your legislators’ contact information and urge them to oppose these extremely harmful bills:


Civil Rights, Equality

  • HB 2238 – prohibits trans youth, K-12 and college, from participating in girls’ sports

Religious Freedom, Public Education

  • HB2236 -- weaponizes religion as a catalyst for banning educational materials, including books, in public schools by seeking to classify certain content as "harmful and inappropriate"

Voting Rights

  • HB 2056 – abolishes the three-day voter protection period for return of mail ballots


Civil Rights, Equality

  • SB180 -- legally defines “biological sex” based on the ability to procreate, and excludes transgender Kansans from accessing sex-segregated spaces including bathrooms, domestic violence shelters, and rape crisis centers 
  • SB233 -- allows individuals who receive gender-affirming healthcare to sue the physician who provided the care, even if there is no malpractice claim

Voting Rights

  • SB 208 – prohibits more than one ballot drop box per county and restricts access to business hours-only, under the watch of partisan “guards”
  • SB 209 – abolishes the three-day voter protection period for return of mail ballots.


Want to do more? Become a Mainstream Member. 

Mainstream Coalition works year-round to save Kansas from extremists, outside agendas, and bad policies that would take our state backward. We invite you to join a network of like-minded people and become a Mainstream member. Membership begins at only $35.

*Mainstream Coalition, The Voter Network and MainPAC encourage civic engagement, however, we do not in any way represent ourselves as election officials.*



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