2021 Primary Election, Redistricting & GOTV Gala

What are we watching this week?

It's all about the election tomorrow and the redistricting town halls that begin on Aug 9. But we're also keeping an eye on rising COVID numbers in Kansas; the Governor's and local officials response, mask mandates and the polarized decisions that local school boards are grappling with as kids head back to school (made more difficult due to the ksleg). We're watching and will keep you up-to-date throughout the week with the latest


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Tomorrow is Election Day!

We've heard the statistics - only about 20% of registered voters show up to vote in municipal elections; the elections that directly affect your everyday life - school boards, city councilors, mayors. These are the people who make the decisions that most closely impact our lives...

And the result of that low turnout can mean that an extraordinarily unrepresentative set of residents determines how local governments distribute services and spend the money that our local governments control. 

So make a plan. 12 Kansas counties have primaries this year, check out if yours (and your city is one). Requested a mail-in ballot? Drop it off by 7PM Tuesday night at your local election office, ballot drop box or polling location in your county. 

We've got the resources you need to help you vote. 

  • See what's on your ballot and where you vote, KSBallot.org
  • At MainPAC.org see the candidate ratings and read more about how your candidate aligned with Mainstream Coalition values.
  • Watch the candidate forums that we co-hosted leading up to the Primary. 

Fair and Equitable? ACTION ALERT!
This weekend leadership in the Kansas House and Senate Redistricting Committees announced a schedule for 14 town halls for public input all in a narrow five-day time frame with only the bare minimum notice period. Mainstream Coalition and The Voter Network are extremely disappointed by the decision of leadership; it shows that fair and equitable is far from their minds.
Identifying fair districts should be a nonpartisan process, but this announcement furthers our concern that this will be nothing more than a partisan tool used to maintain and increase power within the majority party.
What can you do? 
  • Visit KSFairmaps.org to locate and attend the closest redistricting town hall, learn how to submit testimony and comments and sign up for future action alerts. 
Let your legislators know that you want Kansas to have fair and equal maps to support our democracy for the people, not politicians.
Kansas voters deserve a fair, transparent redistricting process with ample opportunity for citizen participation, said (Sen. Dynah) Sykes, ranking Democrat on the Senate’s redistricting panel. Republicans are treating redistricting the same way they treat the legislative process: hastily, sloppily and with as little opportunity for deliberation and public input as possible. That’s a feature, to them, not a bug. - Kansas Reflector

And don't forget about former Senate President Susan Wagle's pledge last October:

(Read more and watch the video)


Join the Party!

For over 20 years we've been honoring individuals and activists, inspiring leaders and candidates. This year, we invite you to join us on the cusp of one of the most important years in Kansas politics. In 2021, we'll be faced with choices at every level of government, and every one of those choices will hold repercussions for all of us. October 12th join us and celebrate democracy together.

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Tickets available soon.  

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Watch our latest panel discussion on Critical Race Theory. And check out our YouTube channel, where other conversations on Voting Rights, Education, Redistricting, DEI and more are posted.  

Where we stand. 

Read more about our policy platform and where we stand on the issues affecting us all. 

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Racial Justice Resources

As we continue to work with Black members of our communities to advance the conversation about racial justice, we are publishing a page of resources for the community. It includes links to articles, books, videos, and our interviews.

Make a difference.

See our amazing, non-partisan get out the vote tool at votertovoter.org, or check out who represents you in Topeka with ksleglookup.org. See more about how you can get informed, and then get involved

**Mainstream Coalition, The Voter Network and MainPAC encourage civic engagment, however, we do not in any way represent ourselves as election officials.** 
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