ACTION ALERT - SB71 begins the bloodletting on public schools

Now is the time make yourself heard.

Kansas Senate Bill 71 is a slap in the face to parents and property owners who just agreed to maintain higher taxes, making up for shortfalls in public education funding coming from Governor Brownback’s administration.

Now this bill takes that amount or more away. Introduced just this week, and scheduled to be passed early next week, SB71 would strip away millions of dollars in funding from School Districts in the state.

Tell them how mad this makes you.

Call your Representative and your Senator (use to find them), write a letter to the editor of your local paper, tell your neighbors and your family.

This isn’t just about teachers, or students. This is about the extremists laughing at the taxpayers in Kansas. They cut school funding last year, then generously allowed us to raise our own taxes to make up the difference. We did that, with successful LOB and Bond issues passed just this week. And then what do they do? They slap us in the face by stripping all those gains away with this bill.

Don’t stand for this anymore.

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