SUCCESS! ACTION ALERT - Stop HB 2457, tax money for private, religious schools!

HB 2457, the tax-credit scholarship (voucher) bill we asked you to act on yesterday, has been pulled from consideration. Hundreds of you sent emails, and convinced leadership that this bill should not move forward, at least today. It may, of course, come back, and we will stay vigilant. But there are still plenty of bad bills out there, and you'll hear from us again when we need you to act.
Thank you for doing more than voting.

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We have found out that HB 2457 will be debated on the House floor on Wednesday, March 9th, 2016! We have less than 24 hours to get our emails in! Don't let this bill pass without voicing your opposition!

This bill would expand an already bad bill, the tax-credit scholarship act. If passed, both individuals and companies would be able to donate money to a scholarship fund maintained by the state. This fund would be made available to individuals and private schools, including religious ones, to pay for a student's education.

But the donors would receive 90% of their donation back as a tax credit! That means Kansas taxpayers would pay for 90% of the private school education of these students! This is money laundering, make no mistake.

How is this legal? Because of the donation and tax credit structure, this scheme gets around the Kansas Constitution's prohibition that "No religious sect or sects shall control any part of the public educational funds."

We must stop this now! Send an email to your Representative and the Speaker of the House with the form below.

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