ACTION ALERT - Stop tax money for private religious schools!

This is a critical day in the Kansas Legislature. We need to express our opposition to several bills, but especially HB 2457, the expansion of the tax-credit scholarship bill. This bill would make an already terrible law even worse, and put us on the path to fully funding private, religious schools.

  • Hundreds of you sent emails and these bills were postponed! Thank you!

As it stands now, corporations can get 70% of their donations back as tax credits, and the state then pays for 70% of school costs for at risk kids in failing public schools to go to private school. That's bad enough.

But if HB 2457 passes, any individual or corporation in Kansas will be able to donate money to this fund, and will receive 90% of it back as a tax credit. In addition, any school, accredited or not, can apply for these funds for students or even potential students, and those students no longer would need to attend public schools, nor be as needy. In essence, Kansas taxpayers would pay (90% of) private or parochial school tuition for students otherwise eligible for excellent public schools. It is a school choice voucher system, and this bill makes it even more so.

  • Hundreds of you sent emails and these bills were postponed! Thank you!

In addition, other bills we have already alerted you to will likely be coming up today in the House, including HB 2292, the anti-Common Core bill, HB 2199, mandating opt in sexual education in schools, and HB 2207, the subverted ethnic studies bill.

As always, thank you for doing more than voting!

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