Advocacy in Place

As we shelter in our homes, the world hasn't stopped around us. Gov. Kelly continues to govern, candidates continue to announce and plan their races, election dates continue to approach. In a world that still needs advocates, how do we continue to engage with our causes?

One way is to keep in touch with us at Mainstream, as we continue to surface opportunities where your voice is needed. Here are a few actions you can take now that will make a difference.

Smart justice during the pandemic to keep us all safe

For years now, Mainstream has been part of the Kansans for Smart Justice Coalition, whose partners are working to implement intelligent, compassionate reforms in the Kansas criminal justice system. During the pandemic, incarcerated populations—and the employees and health care professionals who work with them—are at greater risk of contracting COVID-19 than the general population. We are urging the Governor and others to take certain steps to reduce those risks, including considering the release of at-risk persons who are near the end of their sentences, and reducing the number of detentions for low level offenses. You can find more in the op-ed linked below. Then, take action by contacting the Governor.

Expand KanCare

We have banged this drum hard for nearly a decade now. More than 150,000 Kansans fall into the Medicaid coverage gap: working adults, some who are veterans, many with families. Right now, they are facing the very real threat of a pandemic with no health care coverage. Many will not even seek emergency care. Let's not delay expanding access to health care any longer. The time to do it was well before now, but now is all we have. Join with Alliance for a Healthy Kansas members Vibrant Health and the Community Health Council of Wyandotte County to urge our lawmakers to get this done.

Get heard: order a mail-in ballot now

You are now able to request mail-in ballots for the August Kansas Primary and the November General Election. Don't hesitate. Even before the pandemic, voting by mail in Kansas was the best way to vote, now it is also the safest. Request your ballots online, now.

Get counted: fill out your Census now

If you've already filled out your 2020 Census, please make sure everyone you know has done so, too. A 1% undercount in Kansas means $600 million less for schools, health care, infrastructure, and more. You don't have to wait to get your invitation in the mail, either (or find it if you've lost it), the Census website will count you anyway! Everybody counts.

There are countless other actions we can take to stay engaged with our communities and our state. Let us know what you're doing, and if you have any suggestions. Don't forget to visit our COVID-19 Resources page, continually updated with information and links.

Stay home to stay safe, and do more than vote.

- Danny Novo
  Communications Director

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