ALERT - Ask your KS Senator to override Brownback's veto!

UPDATED: The Governor did veto the tax reform bill this morning. Just now, the Kansas House voted to override that veto! Now it is up to the KS Senate, and they will likely vote this afternoon. Email or call now to tell your Senator to override the veto on HB 2178!

Call or email now!

Brownback is mired in the belief that his tax policies will eventually work. He uses half truths and incomplete facts to support his stand, while protecting only the wealthiest of Kansans. He rails against tax reform when he himself championed the largest tax hike in Kansas history in 2015, a sales tax spike that left Kansas communities with the highest sales tax on food in the nation. Instead of tax reform, he would continue to cut education, to delay retirement payments, and to borrow, beg, and steal money from the state's other needs. If we do not pass comprehensive tax reform this session, we will be making more cuts next year, as we have every year of this tax policy experiment.

Let your legislators know you won't stand for it any more.

Contact them today to override his veto.

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