Ask legislators to oppose HCR 5003

The Kansas Legislative Session only began on Monday, and already there is a hearing on the return of the amendment to strip reproductive rights from the Kansas Constitution, HCR 5003.

Help us oppose this resolution!

Here is a sample email you can send. Copy and use our text, add your own experiences, or use your own words entirely. Your voice is needed to protect the rights of all Kansas women.

Committee members,

Please oppose passage of HCR 5003 in committee. The Kansas Constitution protects the right of people to make decisions about their own health care. This amendment would take that right away from every Kansas woman, and put their reproductive health decisions in the hands of legislators. These intensely personal decisions should be made by women in consultation with their faith, family and physician, not by legislators far removed from the circumstances.

Instead, I ask you to support expanded access to health care, science-based health education, more funding for public schools, higher wages, family leave, and any number of other policies that have been proven to reduce the rate of unplanned pregnancies. We can protect both women and children in this way, together.


Click to send email to the members of the House Federal and State Affairs Committee or copy these email addresses and paste into your email's To: field. The top three are the leadership positions on the committee.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Want to testify?

If you want to testify, written or in person (but virtually), at the hearing (Friday, Jan 15, 9 am) here are the rules, and you should contact the committee assistant, Connie Bahner at and submit your testimony by 9 am Thursday (Jan 14). See the rules doc linked above for more.

Background on HCR 5003

The Kansas Supreme Court determined that the Kansas Constitution's Bill of Rights protects a person's right to make decisions about their own health, including a woman's right to decisions about her reproductive health. Since then, extremists have worked tirelessly to strip that right from the Kansas Consitution. Through a concerted effort of advocacy and activism, they were rebuffed last year, but they have been emboldened by the 2020 elections in Kansas, and are trying again.

This is the first of many times we will need to stand up to them this year.

Thank you for your energy, passion, and willingness to do more than vote.

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