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You've heard the news, the national Republican Party is trying once again to repeal the dreaded Obamacare. They are, once again, on the cusp of undoing policies that have brought hope and security to millions of Americans. But if you have anything to say about it, they will again fall short.

Blurred hospital waiting roomIt's very simple. Your job is to call your Senator, Jerry Moran of Kansas, to tell him in no uncertain terms that the Graham-Cassidy bill is bad for Kansans. He has said, repeatedly, that if a bill is bad for Kansas, he won't vote for it. Tell him this one is.

  • Call Sen. Moran and tell him to vote against the Graham-Cassidy bill
  • (202) 224-6521 in Washington
  • (913) 393-0711 in Olathe, KS
  • Tweet him

Here's why.

It's political

At MainStream, we advocate for good governance. That means a government that represents its constituents, that is transparent, that is not beholden to special interests. Several polls out show that the majority of Americans disapprove of the Graham-Cassidy bill. Not one health related advocacy group, industry organization, or agency is in favor of this bill. Not doctors. Not insurers. Not patients. More Americans want to fix Obamacare than want to see it repealed. And just a week ago, all the news from Washington was about a bipartisan health care compromise, designed to find some sort of middle ground.

But now, in a blatantly political move, all that is swept aside for the chance to once more "win" a vote to the detriment of millions of Americans.

It won't make people healthier

This bill removes most of the restraints placed on insurance companies by the Affordable Care Act. Insurers will be able to charge some people more, if they are elderly, if their illness is complicated, or if they have a pre-existing condition. Have you heard that this Graham-Cassidy bill does not remove protections for pre-existing conditions? Sure, but they don't tell you that by removing every other protection, having a pre-existing condition will make their costs soar to the point where many won't be able to afford care.

It won't save money

A lot is being made about how Kansas will get more money with this bill. Yes. But it's less money than if we expanded Medicaid under the current Affordable Care Act, an action the Kansas Legislature actually passed this year, but which fell afoul of Governor Brownback's veto. And in 2026, all that money falls off a cliff as the Federal Government stops paying states for health care. Kansas could lose as much as $1 billion dollars in health care funding then.

Graham-Cassidy is a sham

This bill is a political sham designed to fool Americans into thinking they will get better, cheaper, more accessible health care. Instead, it is a poorly thought-out scheme rushed to vote before Congress' own Budget Office can examine it thoroughly enough to tell us it's real effect.

Sen. Moran needs to hear from you, every day, until this bill is no longer on the table.

  • Call Sen. Moran and tell him to vote against the Graham-Cassidy bill
  • (202) 224-6521 in Washington
  • (913) 393-0711 in Olathe, KS
  • Tweet him

Thank you.

Remember to do more than vote. Get informed. Get involved. Make a difference.

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