Celebrate 25 Years at Stand Up, Speak Out

This is the MainStream Coalition's twenty-fifth anniversary year. Few people expected the small group founded by six dedicated individuals in 1993 to still be around a quarter century later, but few also expected there would still be a need. Yet we find ourselves today, still working to educate and inform, to get voters engaged to advocate for their families, their schools, and their communities.

Over the past twenty-five years, MainStream has done this work alongside some of the most inspiring people in Kansas. For the past eighteen years, we have given out the Robert H. Meneilly Award at our annual Stand Up, Speak Out dinner to recognize some of them, their dedication to the rights of every individual, their courage in the face of adversity, and their willingness to work within the political system to make change happen.

As we look to the next twenty-five years, we believe our mission is best served by recognizing the incredible work being done by all the activists, all the voters, and all the legislators serving their constituents. This is exemplified by the MainStream Education Foundation’s Voter to Voter project, leveraging the power of personal relationships to up-end traditional get out the vote efforts and drive a new foundation for voter engagement. Because change comes from every vote. Every voter. Every advocate and volunteer. Every legislator and protester. Every one of you.

Resolute Support

We will be celebrating our anniversary at our annual Stand Up, Speak Out dinner on October 21, 2018. We'd like you to come. This annual gathering of Democrats, Republicans, and the unaffiliated draws from activists, legislators, volunteers, philanthropists, candidates and voters who see the powerful change that can happen when we come together around shared values.

The money raised at this event allows the MainStream Education Foundation to keep the lights on, to keep informing Kansas voters about the issues important to them. It allows us to keep getting voters to engage with their own futures for the causes that matter to them.

Twenty-five years is a long time to be working solely with donations from concerned voters like you. But we have made it this far because you know how hard it is to build bridges, to forge compromise, and to work together to move the needle forward. Thank you.

Won’t you join us as we honor the last twenty-five years, and celebrate the next part of our journey?

Individual tickets to the event will go on sale in September, but right now we invite you to support MainStream and this event as a Resolute supporter. Gifts at the symbolic level of $2,500 or more will make an enormous difference to the success of MainStream going forward, and to the hopes of our state in the face of resurgent extremism.


Van JonesWe are excited to announce that this year’s keynote will be delivered by Van Jones, author, political contributor to CNN, and former White House advisor. His remarks will underscore those shared in his book “Beyond the Messy Truth: How We Came Apart - How We Come Together.” MainStream will be providing each guest with a copy of this 2018 best seller.

Resolute supporters will receive an opportunity to meet Mr. Jones before the dinner, at a special event during the cocktail hour.

Learn more about Stand Up, Speak Out 2018 and how you can be a Resolute sponsor

Support at other levels

Not all of us can give at these levels, of course. Individual tickets will be on sale for the event in September, and there are many opportunities to support MainStream in our 25th anniversary year and beyond. Explore our volunteer opportunities, or if you're interested in giving your time to your chosen candidate, we can help you connect with them.

Because no matter what you can give, no matter how you contribute, it starts here. With you. Do more than vote.

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