Celebrate Freedom

MainStream wishes you a happy and safe Independence Day weekend.

Please commemorate our country's founding by celebrating our Freedom. Not the "freedom" proposed by the extremists here in Kansas and elsewhere, wherein they are "free" to impose their opinions on all Americans, but rather the freedom envisioned by the founders of this country, where each citizen is created equal, and endowed with the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Moderates of both parties understand, and agree, that freedom means that you can pursue your beliefs, without being hindered by others or the government. But the extremists do not understand, or willfully misunderstand, that these freedoms are ours to pursue only in a way that does not impose them upon others. State employees are free to believe gay marriage is wrong, yes, but they are not free to impose their opinion on others, or impede the freedom of others to believe marriage is marriage. They are not free to deny marriage licenses. It is, in fact, illegal.

On this weekend, we encourage a reading of the Declaration of Independence (read it here, at the Library of Congress). We all know how it begins, but how many of us have read through the list of objections laid at the feet of King George? Here is a selection that may resonate with Kansans:

Unfortunately, in Kansas we do not have just a King George, but rather both Governor and Leadership in the Kansas Legislature, imposing their moral "freedoms" on all Kansans.

This weekend, we urge all moderates and supporters to practice our Freedoms: assemble, love, accept, understand, and make room for those who believe differently than you do.

And as always, don't stand by. Stand up when your heart tells you to, speak out when your voice is needed.

Have a happy Fourth of July.

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