Politics is a social endeavor. In its best form, it involves coming together, discussing, and finding compromise that moves issues forward. Already in this Kansas Legislative session, we have seen that process grind to a halt with Sen. President Susan Wagle's refusal to do the work of the people if her personal goals are not met. Now, as the coronavirus threatens Kansans, Statehouse leaders debate about halting legislative work.

First, please heed the calls of our local and national health leaders as they take steps to #flattenthecurve and lessen the impact of the coronavirus on all of us. The people who make up our communities, you, are the most important part of our society.

Second, if you want to keep making a difference in Kansas, there are a number of ways you can help from a distance.

  • Check your voter registration online, from your home. If you're not registered, go ahead and get registered now. Go to

  • Fill out the 2020 Census when you get your form! Census letters are coming now, and you can fill it out online with the Census ID that comes with it. More information here.

  • Participate in your government. As long as the Kansas Statehouse is still in business, committee meetings and floor votes will continue to be broadcast online. And you can always reach out to your representatives via email or phone, to ask about legislation, or to let them know what you are thinking. Find them at

  • Request a mail-in ballot for upcoming votes, so you can vote from home.

    • If you're a Democrat, you will be able to request a mail-in ballot for the Presidential Primary (on May 2) starting on April 3rd. Go here for more information. (The Republican Party of Kansas has chosen not to hold a Presidential Primary.)
    • But no matter how you are registered, you can request a mail in ballot for the August Kansas Primaries at, do it now!

  • Finally, take care of yourselves and your communities. Check in on neighbors. As the weather gets warmer, you can be outside and talk over the fence, or across the street. See if anyone needs help. Or see if anyone is going stir crazy, with everything cancelled! We could all do with more conversation and connection, even if it is at a distance of six feet or more.

Do more than vote.

- Danny Novo
  Communications Director

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