Did you vote?

Kansas voted yesterday. These were local municipal, school board, and county races, where the turnout is usually low, and usually dependent on particular races in particular localities. For example, in Wichita this year there was a contested Mayoral race, and Sedgwick County saw almost 20% turnout. In 2017, with no headliner on the ballot, turnout in Sedgwick County barely topped 8%.

Johnson and Wyandotte Counties were neck and neck this year, both just under 17% turnout.

But, it goes without saying, those are disappointing numbers. 4 out of 5 registered Kansas voters did not cast a vote in this election. It is a far cry from the 56% of voters who cast a ballot last year, in the 2018 gubernatorial elections. And it will be far fewer than will likely cast a vote next year, in the 2020 Presidential contest.

And yet, these are the elected positions that are closest to the voters, and affect their lives most directly.

We'd like to hear from you about why you did, or didn't vote in this election.

Thank you for doing all you do.

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