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In the aftermath of the election, we've heard plenty of people bemoan that moderates do too much talking, and not enough acting. At our forum this week (lots of talking!), the audience asked what was going to happen now? There were lots of predictions (talk, talk, talk) about the budget, about the doom of rural Kansas, about the urban areas sliding after it down the Governor's glide path to zero. After the forum, some members of MainStream convened again to talk (!) and plan.

We talk so we can plan. We plan, so we can act.

MainStream works for moderate causes and MainPAC supports moderate candidates. This past election we spent tens of thousands of dollars successfully defending moderate seats in the Kansas Legislature, even picking up a seat in Johnson County. Where our members were informed and involved, we were successful. Where our members acted, we won.

This is the work we do with your help.

Normally this is where we ask you for money. Not today. (That will come another day, don't worry.)

Today, we need you to spread the word about MainStream. 424,000 Kansans voted against Brownback and his agenda. 90,000 of those were in Johnson County. These are the people MainStream needs to reach, to tap, to urge into action.

The day after the election, we started planning for the next election, and the one after that. Here is what we promise you we will do:

  • We will inform you about the issues, with clear articles, timely updates, and informative sessions. You will be the best informed electorate we have ever had.
  • We will give you the chance to get involved, in our events, in our partners' events, in Topeka, with candidates, with elected officials, in your community and your hometown.
  • We will urge you to do more than vote. We will urge you to act, and we will give you that chance.

In turn, we ask you to spread the word about us. We are a bi-partisan political advocacy organization devoted to finding common ground around moderate issues. We bring Republicans, Democrats and independents together around common values, to fight for good government, strong public education, and sensible fiscal policies. We aren't just moderates, we are a coalition of all sorts, hungering for a future we can look forward to. Here's what you can do:

Half a million Kansans voted for change and didn't get it. MainStream wants to turn the success we had locally into a tide next time.

We need your help to do it.

Thank you.

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