Do more than vote, run!

It has been nearly fifteen years since the tragic events of September 11, 2001. We remember those who died, their loved ones who will always remember, and the countless lives affected worldwide by the events of that day. We often feel helpless in the face of tragedies like that, unsure of how to help guide our communities out of times like those. We look then to our leaders, elected, spiritual, in our homes and across the country.

In Kansas, when we look to the leadership elected to craft laws to care for our children, our seniors, our poor and disabled, we see a lack. We see self-interest that borders on selfishness, indifference that borders on ignorance, and disregard that borders on cruelty.

We see the leadership in the Kansas Legislature, and we find them lacking.

In 2016, every seat in the Kansas Legislature is up for election. We need to elect leaders, citizens in our communities who will care for Kansas the way they should. Who are they? Your neighbors. Your friends. You.

We are urging you to run for office.

Did you feel a little shiver when you read that? Did you allow yourself to wonder, just for a split second?

We often hear people claim they’re not qualified. But you don’t have to be in politics, or come from a political family. You don’t have to be on a corporate board, or have served on a city council.

Melissa Rooker (R) was a member of the PTA before she ran for office. Jarrod Ousely (D) is a small business owner whose wife fights for education. They did not see themselves in this role. But they saw a need, and stepped up.

The moderates in Kansas, both Democrats and Republicans, fight every day for fiscal sanity, compassionate health care, and strong public schools. They need allies. They need candidates to run alongside them.

There are many positions open on election day. From precinct chairs (responsible for selecting replacements if someone does not finish their term!) and county boards, all the way up to the Kansas House and Senate.

Who do you know who can help make a difference in Kansas?

If it’s you, get in touch with us, and we can tell you what to do next.

If it’s not you, then who do you know? Kansas needs you, and this is the opportunity to make a real difference. This is the opportunity to really do more than just vote.

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