Down Ticket Races Just as Critical

We've spent a lot of time talking about state level races, as all the KS State Representatives are up for re-election is year. And the Legislative session over which they presided was a lopsided, grasping, regulatory mess. See our review here.

But there are other important races down the ticket, and even off the ticket (did you vote in municipal elections this Spring?), which moderates should be watching.

Kansans for Life recently admitted to targeting local races since their national strategy seemed to be failing. And in Johnson County, the race for Chair of the Board of Commissioners for Johnson County is a bell weather for moderate vs extremist issues.

Chair of the Board of Commissioners for Johnson County

The candidates and their websites (and some choice news coverage):

  • Ed Peterson - Moderate, Vice-Chair, favors public/private partnerships* to improve parks, libraries, roads and other services. According to him, County leaders "need to step up and make appropriate investments in infrastructure, service and amenities to spur our community’s next wave of growth." KC Star
    * This is a correction. We previously attributed a statement to Mr. Peterson that did not reflect his stated approach to funding improvements at the county level.
  • Ed Eilert - Traditional Republican, incumbent Chair, against raising taxes, for holding the line on existing parks and libraries. "Eilert, 73, shot back that raising taxes is the wrong way to go. He said he has maintained a “disciplined approach” as the county has emerged from the severe recession." KC Star
  • Patricia Lightner - right wing conservative former State Representative. In her own words, "I am a pro-life, pro-growth, pro-liberty constitutional conservative who believes in limited government, fiscal responsiblity, economic freedom, the rule of law, and a culture of life."
In a nutshell, from the KCStar , "Lightner is a conservative...Eilert, a former Overland Park mayor, appeals to traditional Republicans while Peterson has ties to Democrats and moderate Republicans."

Other Races

These County elections are just one part of where your voice needs to be heard. There are other important races below the National and Statewide contests on your ballot. 


In Kansas and across US, all politics are local in abortion debate
KC Star - "Shepard fell 16 votes short in last April’s election after his opponent was endorsed by Kansans for Life, which sent out postcards backing his rival. The city councilman still scratches his head. He wonders just what abortion had to do with presiding over a Kansas City suburb."

10th Circuit panel says states cannot ban gay marriage
LJ World - "The three-judge panel in Denver found it “wholly illogical to believe that state recognition of the love and commitment between same-sex couples will alter the most intimate and personal decisions of opposite-sex couples.”

Rep: Koch using Kansas Chamber to retaliate on renewable energy
Topeka CJ - “He then said that I would vote to keep hookers working in Kansas if it meant no businesses ask for it,” Schwab wrote. “To which I said, ‘Are you equating yourself to hookers?’ Needless to say, Mike's tone spiraled.”

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