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See this video of why this family is joining Walk the Vote this year.

Snapshot of video with four kids holding signs

We're holding our (virtual) Walk the Vote this year on Saturday, June 13, with a week of online events leading up to it. The Walk itself will be a virtual event, spread all across Kansas, as people walk in their living rooms, backyards, and neighborhoods.

When we talk about joining Walk the Vote, we're asking you to walk the vote for your cause. Raising money for Mainstream allows us to keep doing the work to support all the issues we hold dear, to work with our partners like the ACLU, PP, the Alliance for a Healthy Kansas, the KNEA and others, to work with legislators and other elected officials to change Kansas for the better.

Stay home to stay safe, vote, and do more than vote: Walk the Vote!

- Danny Novo
  Communications Director

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